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I am a lifestyle and competition prep coach.Through my passion for fitness I have helped clients reach their goals and make lasting physical change. I have been active for my entire life. I was a competitive runner but discovered the benefits of lifting weights later in my fitness journey. At the age of 52 I entered my first bodybuilding show in the division of figure. I was instantly hooked. Six years later I am a top 3 national NPC athlete and a 4 time Masters Nationals competitor. I use my personal fitness journey to lead, inspire, and help people reach their goals. 


I hold certifications in personal training, fitness nutrition, weight loss, yoga, and group fitness. I work with clients both online and through one on one coaching plans. All my programs are custom and tailored to meet the needs and goals of the individual. 

I believe that age should never be a barrier to reaching our full potential. Looking and feeling our best is obtainable at any age and stage of life. My true passion lays in inspiring others to reach their fitness goals. Whether it's to establish a healthy lifestyle, look like a competitor, or compete in the sport of bodybuilding, I can help you be successful in your journey.