Helping Women Ages 40+ Transform Their Body

Hi I'm Carol Covino. I help women to lose the body fat for good and to tone and reshape their bodies. I've been active my entire life. I was a competitive runner, group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and owned my own exercise studio.

In my late forties I was staring 50 in the face and feeling frustrated with the changes I was seeing in my body. My butt was flat and saggy. My legs had no tone or shape. Although I was thin, I was carrying all my body fat in my stomach.

I thought more cardio was the answer. But the more I ran the worse I looked. I was your classic "skinny fat."

Then a friend invited me to come see her compete in a bikini bodybuilding show. I was amazed and intrigued. She had completely transformed her body. I immediately questioned her after the show.

​She explained to me how she had changed her nutrition and begun lifting weights. From that point forward I set out to learn everything I could about nutrition and bodybuilding.

Several months later I competed in my first bikini competition. Soon women were asking me how I changed my body. I became passionate about helping women reverse the negative effects of aging. My goal is simple. I want to give you the tools to tone up, lose belly fat, build shapely legs, and boost your booty. ​

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Ready for a sustainable solution to your health in fitness in your 40s, 50s, and beyond? Join Carol Covino as she educates, inspires, and motivates you along your forever fit journey.

Carol helps women lose body fat, flatten their stomachs and boost their booty, all while providing sustainable ways to stay fit into your 40s and beyond. Tune in.