Brent Stevenson – Why We Hurt and Tapping Into Our Nervous System (Ep. 192)

In this week’s episode, Physiotherapist Brent Stevenson breaks down the important question: why do we hurt?

After a horrific eye injury that led him to write his first book, Brent has helped many relieve pain and feel more comfortable in their bodies.

We discuss how to tap into the nervous system, the issue with repressed emotions, why strength is a skill, and more!

Time Stamps:

  • (5:36) Eye Injury To Writing A Book
  • (15:37) Tapping Into The Nervous System
  • (19:44) Dry Needling
  • (25:44) Repressing Emotions
  • (39:09) Lifting Heavy In Your 50’s
  • (43:17) Strength Is a Skill
  • (57:09) Where To Find Brent


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