Marc Carbone – Uncovering Proper Breathing For Weight Loss, Vitality, Longevity, and More! (Ep. 172)

Did you know improper breathing or a lack of proper oxygen is detrimental to your health, longevity, and weight loss? This is an area I’ve touched on before in the past but have never examined fully and I was blown away by the information our guest shared with us in this interview.

Marc Carbone is the CEO of PN Medical that has served over 2 Million individuals and is ranked first in their industry. Marc shares what he sees with our modern society and breathing, how his PN Devices work and why they are beneficial, how proper breathing contributed to weight loss, and more!

Time Stamps:

(0:33) The Importance of Breathing

(2:03) Our Modern Society and Breathing

(10:58) PN Devices

(18:48) Our Physiology and Race Example

(22:48) Breathing and Weight Loss

(29:10) Differences Between Men and Women

(32:13) Youth and Breathing Issues

(42:48) Where To Find Marc


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