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Thyroid Health, Hyperthyroidism, and How to Approach Your Doctor with Dr. Michael Biamonte (Ep. 152)

September 18, 2023

I’m so excited to welcome back Dr. Michael Biamonte to the show for his 4th appearance on the show and we’re going to cover a different topic than the first 3 episodes. We are going to dive into thyroid health and its many complexities including hashimoto’s, hyperthyroidism, and more! We’ll also discuss how to approach […]

carol covino forever fit podcast

Overcoming Health and Fitness Myths and Creating Wellness Your Way with Megan Lyons (Ep. 151)

September 11, 2023

If you grew up learning health and nutrition from magazines and realized how much misinformation exists in that medium, today’s episode is for you! Dr. Megan Lyons is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist and she’s currently pursuing her Doctorate of Clinical Nutrition. She is the owner of Lyon’s Share Wellness out of Dallas, Texas. We […]

carol covino forever fit podcast

Being Trauma Informed: Holding Space and Empowering Vulnerability with Dr. Tara Gunther (Ep. 150)

September 5, 2023

Today’s topic and discuss is one we’ve touched on in a few episodes but have never really gone this deep down the rabbit hole when it comes to understanding trauma, PTSD, and both treatment and care around trauma. My guest today Dr. Tara Gunther is a health psychologist grounded in clinical and positive psychological science. […]

carol covino forever fit podcast

Life Lessons After 101 Years: The Life of Alice Mary (Ep. 149)

August 28, 2023

I have the absolute pleasure of interviewing Alice Mary in person today on the show and learn from her 101 years of wisdom! She’s lived an amazing life and is still active and thriving to this day. We talk about her life on the farm, her thoughts on modern technology, secrets to great sleep, and […]

carol covino forever fit podcast

Discovering the Ayurvedic Approach and Connecting with Your Inner Wisdom with Andrea Claassen (Ep. 148)

August 21, 2023

I believe today’s episode will open your heart and mind to a beautiful way of thinking and approaching your health and I’m so pleased to have on our guest today and my friend Andrea Claassen. Andrea teaches modern women how to live a cyclical life using Ayurveda, the Lunar Cycle, and your own cycle in […]

carol covino forever fit podcast

Life Extension and Longevity Through Self Care with Stacy Conte (Ep. 147)

August 14, 2023

We often think of self care as a way to relax and enhance our quality of life but do we ever think about it extending our lives and leading to better longevity? My guest today makes this exact case and helps women just like you with their lives, habits, and their self care routines. Stacy […]

carol covino forever fit podcast

Why Sugar is the Real Culprit of Weight Gain with Dr. Richard Jacoby (Ep. 146)

August 7, 2023

You’ve heard me talk on here several times about the impact that sugar has on our health and I have an expert on the show today that is going to drive this concept even further home plus a lot more! Dr. Richard Jacoby is the author of Sugar Crush and has an upcoming book called, […]

carol covino forever fit podcast

Finding Healing and Support Through Wearable Patches (Ep. 145)

July 31, 2023

There’s a new wave of wearable healing and support therapies that I want to bring to your attention and discuss with the Founders of Restore Patch John and Dr. Sarah Russo. We discuss the current mental health crisis the world is experiencing, the genesis of creating the patch, how they work and different frequencies, and […]

carol covino forever fit podcast

Blood Sugar, Blood Glucose, and Weight Loss in Midlife (Ep. 144)

July 24, 2023

Is there a connection between blood sugar and weight loss? Will understanding your blood glucose help you in your health journey in midlife? I want to return to a concept I haven’t talked about in awhile and that is being metabolically flexible AKA your body being able to use fat and sugar for energy. We’ll […]

carol covino forever fit podcast

10 Potential Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight in Midlife (Ep. 143)

July 17, 2023

As we reach midlife as women, there are certain physiological changes that occur that have the potential to make it more difficult to lose weight. However, after working with thousands of women over my career, there are many ways to overcome this challenge. I want to share with you 10 potential reasons why you’re not […]

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