Cloe & Michele Bohbot – Unpacking the Benefits of Hyperbaric Chambers (Ep. 193)

My first mother-daughter duo podcast interview and on a subject we have not yet covered on the Forever Fit show and that is hyperbaric chambers. If you’ve ever been curious of how these work and their longevity and biohacking benefits, today’s episode is for you!

Cloe and Michele Bohbot run their studio out of Beverly Hills, California and are here to talk everything longevity when it comes to the benefits of a hyperbaric protocol. We also dive into sleep, inflammation, and more!

Time Stamps:

  • (1:09) Cloe and Michele Bohbot
  • (2:32) How Do Hyperbaric Chambers Work?
  • (10:59) Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • (21:49) Travel and Living At Sea Level
  • (22:39) Frequency of Use
  • (32:45) It’s Effects On Sleep
  • (35:29) Cloe’s Perfect Sleep Routine
  • (40:29) Mom Daughter Business

(52:09) Where to Find Cloe and Michele


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