The Fit & Fierce Over 50 Program

Lose the body fat and get your MOJO back.

Are you a woman who wants limitless energy, a healthy metabolism, and a body you love? Then you are in the right place. You deserve a body you love.

I believe that women flourish in a sisterhood and there are no limits when you are part of a caring community. 

In the Fit & Fierce Over 50 Program I help you with:

  • Balancing hormones through nutrition and lifestyle
  • Weight loss with a nutrition plan that actually supports the unique female metabolism
  • Changing your body composition through resistance training
  • Perimenopausal and menopausal changes
  • Finding limitless energy

Being Fit and Fierce Over 50 means you will:

  • Build beautiful strong muscles
  • Dial in your eating habits to lose weight and keep it off
  • Have increased confidence and self-worth
  • Learn the true meaning of self-love
  • You will be coached by a menopause fitness specialist

As women we face unique challenges.

In our world very few women have been taught to love themselves. Almost everything about our anatomy has been described by derogatory words and phrases.

It’s time we see ourselves as unique beautiful beings of wonder and magic. It’s time we learn to care for ourselves in a way that honors our natural cycles and ever changing hormones as we transition into menopause and beyond. 

Fit and Fierce is here to empower women with the tools, information, and inspiration to make better decisions for our bodies.

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carol covino lifting barbell
woman with kettle bell at gym
carol covino stretching yoga

It Really Works

"Really learning about this stage in life has been huge. We are different. We aren’t men. We aren’t in our 20s and 30s. So learning how to exercise again and how to eat has been really beneficial."
~ Diana Cates ~

Diana has been through Carol's training programs before and recently shared details on her experience. Some of the topics she covers include:

  • Her hesitations and fears in getting started
  • What she gained in the program
  • How things have shifted for her
  • How this program has been different than others she has tried

Hint: The nutrition piece has been the most valuable part for her!

Who Fit & Fierce Over 50 is for...

  • You are committed to learning and taking the steps you need to get results.
  • You are coachable and willing to take guidance.
  • You are willing to invest your time, energy, and finances in your health.
  • You are a positive person and ready to live the best years of your life.
  • Read our FAQ for more information on what to expect >
How do you know if the fit & fierce program right for you

Who Fit & Fierce is NOT for...

  • You are NOT committed to learning and taking the steps to get results.
  • You are NOT coachable, want to do everything your way, and looking for a quick fix.
  • You are NOT willing to invest your time, energy, and finances to your health.
  • You are a complainer, negative Nancy, and don’t see these as the best years of your life.
  • Read our FAQ for more information on what to expect >

"I’m absolutely loving my body and can’t wait for the future changes."
~ Pam ~

"I look strong and I feel strong."
~ Laura ~

"I reshaped my body and lost pounds and inches."
~ Nicole ~

What You Get in the Fit and Fierce Over 50 Program

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Access to Carol Covino (program founder and expert in female metabolism)

nutrition icon

Custom nutrition plan for healthy, balanced hormones and weight loss

stomach crunch icon

Custom exercise plan to build beautiful muscles

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Regular accountability check-ins

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Weekly educational training

Text support

Frequently Asked Questions

Meet Your Trainer

Carol Covino

"One day I looked in the mirror and saw my saggy butt and droopy shoulders. That’s when it hit me… My body was changing. What worked in the past was no longer working.

Eating less and exercising more was NOT the answer. The only way to change my legs, glutes, and shoulders was to fill them with muscle.

I went on a mission to find the best exercises and foods. And I completely transformed my body. Now I’ve developed and packaged this system into this 12-week program you can follow step by step."

Are you ready to get your MOJO back?