Slim Stomach Solution - For Women 40+

Say Goodbye To Belly Fat.

It's Time For You To Get The Body You've Always Wanted.

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From Unfit & Flabby To Toned, Defined & Sexy!

This is the exact system I used to create a bikini-competition winning physique at the age of 51! In just 6-weeks, you plan will help you get a flat stomach, shapely shoulders, and sculpted legs. Lose the belly fat and create toned, defined curves.

Carol Covino, Before and After

Transform Your Body & Improve Your Life

Lose Up To 15 Pounds of Body Fat In Just 6 Weeks. Slim Stomach Solution Program Is Specifically Designed For Women Over 40!

  • Reduce belly fat while boosting your booty.
  • Lose up to 15 pounds in just 6-weeks!
  • Get toned, defined & sexy curves.
  • Flatten your stomach.
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In 6 Weeks You Will Have...

  • Increased energy!
  • More motivation!
  • A sexy, slimmer body! 
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So What’s Included?

Workout Plan

You'll get a step-by-step workout plan to help you shred belly and arm fat while toning your booty and sculpting your legs.

Meal Plans

My fat-burning meal plans come with recipes that will keep you on track and help you smash your goals! 

6 Weeks of Workouts

Gym or home-strength workouts with instructional videos for each exercise will help you sculpt your body and burn fat.

Group Support!

Get access to 24/7 support within a private Facebook Community where I will be answering all questions

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Meet Your Trainer

Hi, I'm Carol Covino. I help women tone and reshape their bodies so they can lose body fat for good.

In my late forties I was staring 50 in the face and feeling frustrated with the changes I was seeing in my body. My butt was flat and saggy. My legs had no tone or shape. Although I was thin, I was carrying all my body fat in my stomach.

I thought more cardio was the answer. But the more I ran the worse I looked.

I turned it around, and you can too.

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