Buns & Guns Bootcamp

Grow Your Glutes and Blitz Fat

It’s the battle against a flat butt, cellulite and droopy shoulders! In just 8 weeks, you can have a stunning backside, smooth thighs and beautiful shoulders.

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Join the 8 Week Program

I've eliminated the guesswork. The glutes are the biggest muscle group in the body.

Get the entire system… what to eat, how to train, and which supplements to take to maximize your results.

In my new groundbreaking program Buns & Guns, anyone can build round glutes, sculpt their shoulders and torch cellulite.

Every day, women ask me how to get round, tight glutes, a flat stomach, and toned shoulders.

I’ve eliminated the guesswork.

I’m giving you the entire system… what to eat, how to train, and which supplements to take to maximize your results in the shortest period of time.

This isn’t about working out with two pink dumbbells and doing endless donkey kicks in hopes of getting results.

The glutes are the biggest muscle group in the body. That means each one of the glute muscles needs to be challenged for maximum growth to build your dream peach.

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Shoulders and Glutes

Shoulders are small muscle groups, but very complex. To safely develop beautiful shoulders requires a solid, scientific plan.

My system addresses both the glutes and shoulders, from every angle, to achieve maximum results.

You’re going to learn how to shred body fat, build your backside, sculpt your shoulders and create a tiny waist.

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In 8 Weeks You Can...

  • Build a beautiful, round booty
  • Torch cellulite
  • Smooth your thighs
  • Create sexy shoulders
  • Flatten your stomach

So What’s Included?

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Custom Macro Programming

Your assessment will tell me about your goals. This will help me create a custom macro plan to help you smash your goals.

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Custom Cardio Programming

I will create a custom cardio plan tailored to your body and your goals.

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8 Weeks of Workouts

Gym or home-strength workouts with instructional videos for each exercise will help you sculpt your body and burn fat.

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Monthly Check-Ins

Each month you’ll answer a few questions about how you're doing. I will then make adjustments to your nutrition and cardio program if needed and cheer on your progress.

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Two Group Coaching Calls

Each month you'll get a call with me to answer questions you may have and to cheer on your progress!

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  • A private group for ongoing support
  • A precise 8-week supplement plan

Meet Your Trainer

"One day I looked in the mirror and saw my saggy butt and droopy shoulders. That’s when it hit me…

Eating less and exercising more was NOT the answer. The only way to change my legs, glutes, and shoulders was to fill them with muscle.

I went on a mission to find the best exercises and foods. And I completely transformed my body. Now I’ve developed and packaged this system into this 8-week program you can follow step by step."

-Carol Covino

Carol Covino red workout outfit
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