Cellulite Solutions: Breaking the Stigma and Tackling Cellulite with Confidence (Ep. 160)

The topic of cellulite brings potential embarrassment especially in older life but did you know 90% of individuals deal with some form of it? We need to take the stigma out of this topic and reveal the truth about it. There are many lifestyle modifications we can make to aid with cellulite which I will explain in this episode along with giving you an overview and what factors contribute to it in the first place.

Time Stamps:

  • (1:20) Diving Into Cellulite
  • (4:05) 90% of Women Deal With This In Their Lifetime
  • (5:40) Men vs Women and Body Fat
  • (9:30) Other Factors That Contribute to Cellulite
  • (10:04) Where to Begin
  • (12:38) How to Think About the Skin
  • (16:38) Cortisol Levels
  • (19:22) Breath Work and Exercise
  • (20:23) Circulation
  • (20:55) My Fit and Fierce Program
  • (22:52) Over Hydration
  • (26:00) Red Light Therapy
  • (29:31) Inflammation
  • (32:20) Food Sensitivity Tests
  • (36:49) Upcoming Shape and Shred Challenge
  • (38:29) Where To Find Me


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