Becoming Lean, Strong, and Calm with Tadeo Luque (Ep. 167)

Tadeo Luque is a fitness and stress management coach who has an interesting story. You’ll hear his struggles through the lockdowns in Argentina, what he learned from starting a meditation challenge, how to be grounded in the present moment, and more!

Coming up on 4 years after the pandemic and lockdowns, many suffered with anxiety, loneliness, and depression during that time. Some individuals found new ways to cope with these challenges and my guest today not only did that but is now helping others with what he learned during that time.

  • (3:07) How Tadeo Got Into Fitness
  • (7:27) Being in Argentina During the Lockdown
  • (11:45) The Physical and Mental Consequences of the Lockdown
  • (15:59) Meditation Challenge
  • (20:16) What Stress Does to Our Body
  • (27:47) Being Grounded in the Present Moment
  • (33:36) Journaling
  • (39:00) Client Example
  • (43:37) Tadeo’s Program
  • (46:41) Where To Find Tadeo

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