Tessa E. Arnold – Liver Support & Discovering Ancient Wisdom and Modern Knowledge Through Ayurvedic (Ep. 170)

If you’ve been seeking a holistic approach to your health and wellness this year, today’s episode is a can’t miss! My guest today blends many disciplines together including intuitive healing, liver supplementation, and aerial yoga and she is here to talk about her journey and story.

Tessa E. Arnold is the heart and soul behind Balance of You and Snapback Fuel. In this episode, we discuss how she got into aerial yoga, discovering your dosha, health practices and being a mom, and more!

Time Stamps:

  • (1:42) Tessa’s Background and Bio
  • (6:57) Taking Care of Yourself
  • (12:06) Supplement for Liver Support
  • (21:02) Finding Your Dosha
  • (28:42) Aerial Yoga
  • (34:30) Tessa’s Clients
  • (41:18) Health Practices and Being a Mom
  • (54:42) Neuroplasticity


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