From Mental Struggles to Breaking World Records with Jordan Veiga (Ep. 156)

I am so pleased to have on Jordan Veiga on the podcast today and he has an amazing story to share from struggling with mental health issues and depression to finding an inspiring goal to chase which led him to breaking a world record. We discuss what led him to decide to chase the Pull-Up world record, how he found inspiration, future plans in fitness, and more!

Time Stamps:

  • (2:36) Mental Struggles to 1000 Pull-ups A Day
  • (5:16) Why Pull-ups?
  • (10:48) The Mental Health Crisis
  • (16:46) Inspiration Through David Goggins and Kobe Bryant
  • (21:48) Getting Through the Tough Times
  • (29:18) Future Plans in Fitness and Beyond
  • (34:28) Accessory Work
  • (36:06) Building Pull-Up Strength
  • (38:04) Issues with Pull-Ups
  • (40:16) Advice to Parents
  • (47:08) Where to Find Jordan


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