From Professional Football to LyfeFuel: The Career Pivot of Chris Manderino (Ep. 154)

I am so pleased to share this interview with the CEO of LyfeFuel Chris Manderino. Before founding LyfeFuel which we will get into, he pursed professional athletes in football and through that process, learned the importance and value of nutrition and performing at your best. He also learned about the difference between Italy and the United States when it comes to quality of ingredients and how we approach food and nourishment. We discuss all of this and more!

Time Stamps:

  • (2:20) Pursuing Professional Football
  • (5:50) Playing for Cal
  • (8:18) Chris’s Nutrition
  • (14:40) Living and Playing Football in Italy
  • (22:40) Biggest Challenges with Bypass Patients
  • (31:35) The Blue Zones
  • (42:48) Developing LyfeFuel
  • (55:26) Where to Find Chris

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