The Shocking Truth About Mold, Mycotoxins, and Your Health with Brandon Faust (Ep. 162)

So many undocumented sicknesses can be contributed to this one thing… mold. It’s frightening how much of an impact mold can have on your body and it could be going undetected in your home. We have an expert on the show today to discuss mold’s effects, what we can do about it, some examples of homes and offices he’s experienced, and so much more.

Brandon Faust is the Founder of Mold Solutions and has dedicated much of his professional career to this topic and helping individuals with their health in this realm. He has been kind enough to share a free gift with us: 15 Tips to Prevent Mold In Your Home, which you can find below in the show notes.

Time Stamps:

  • (1:50) Brandon’s Bio
  • (7:15) Mycotoxins
  • (11:50) Preventing Mold
  • (20:50) New Homes vs Old Homes and Mold
  • (22:41) Mold Inspections
  • (30:05) Theory on the Range of Symptoms
  • (33:15) Office Example
  • (39:35) Point of No Return Homes?
  • (46:13) Musty Means Moldy
  • (49:04) Where To Find Brandon


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