Ali Sempek – Modern Day Diet Culture, Food Relationships, and Shifting Away From Food Shame (Ep. 173)

I wish I had this young woman’s mindset and knowledge back years ago but I want every woman to hear this conversation because it is so important to joy and fulfillment in life. Your body is the least interesting thing about you and it’s possible to shift away from food shame and have food freedom while loving the body you’re in.

Coach Ali is an internationally certified wellness coach and CEO of Loving Yourself Healthy. She has helped hundreds of women feel happier, healthier, and more confident through nutrition education, lifestyle counseling, free resources, and personalized coaching.

In this episode, we discuss her teen years and what led her to coaching, why food relationships are like romantic relationships, how to shift away from food shame, and much more!

Time Stamps:

  • (1:22) Coach Ali’s Bio
  • (2:29) Becoming a Coach
  • (5:43) Women and Diet Culture
  • (10:55) Our Genetics
  • (13:03) Ali’s Food Approach
  • (19:55) How Food Relationships Are Like Romantic Relationships
  • (22:43) Body Dysmorphia
  • (25:55) Shifting Away From Shame
  • (33:40) Growing Up In The 90’s
  • (42:57) Women That Coach Ali Works With
  • (54:11) Where To Find Ali


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