The CGM Revolution for Non-Diabetics with Dr. Paul Kolodzik MD (Ep. 164)

I’ve mentioned my own personal use of continuous glucose monitors in the past and their popularity continues to rise, especially in the non-diabetic community as another data point to track insulin spikes and specific food sensitivities. I wanted to have an expert on the show to talk more about this topic and we have a great one that’s written the book on it!

Dr. Paul Kolodzik is a double board-certified emergency and metabolic-health physician with thirty years of experience. As a private-practice metabolic MD, Dr. Kolodzik has used continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) to help thousands of patients lose weight and prevent and reverse disease.

In this episode, we discuss the invention of the food pyramid (and where everything started to go wrong), why high carb diets lead to weight gain, insulin resistance indicators, and more!

Time Stamps:

  • (1:27) Dr. Kolodzik’s Bio
  • (3:02) From The ER to Private Practice
  • (4:42) The Invention of the Food Pyramid
  • (9:02) High Carb Diets and Weight Gain
  • (14:07) Using CGM’s
  • (18:57) Insulin Resistance Indicators
  • (45:60) CGM’s for Non-Diabetics


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