Overcoming Health and Fitness Myths and Creating Wellness Your Way with Megan Lyons (Ep. 151)

If you grew up learning health and nutrition from magazines and realized how much misinformation exists in that medium, today’s episode is for you! Dr. Megan Lyons is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist and she’s currently pursuing her Doctorate of Clinical Nutrition. She is the owner of Lyon’s Share Wellness out of Dallas, Texas. We talk all about what we were taught growing up about fitness and nutrition, the link between nutrition and mental health, exploring autoimmune issues, and more!

Time Stamps:

  • (0:40) Megan’s Bio
  • (2:30) Growing Up on Magazines and Misinformation
  • (10:50) Megan’s Coaching Philosophy
  • (20:15) Nutrition and Mental Health
  • (30:08) Autoimmune Issues
  • (40:25) Hashimoto’s Disease
  • (45:50) Gluten in Europe
  • (50:00) Where to Find Megan


Megan’s website: https://www.thelyonsshare.org/

Megan’s Podcast: The Revitalize Health Accelerator Podcast

Megan’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thelyonsshare/

Megan’s Free Resources: https://www.thelyonsshare.org/freedownloads/


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