Thyroid Health, Hyperthyroidism, and How to Approach Your Doctor with Dr. Michael Biamonte (Ep. 152)

I’m so excited to welcome back Dr. Michael Biamonte to the show for his 4th appearance on the show and we’re going to cover a different topic than the first 3 episodes. We are going to dive into thyroid health and its many complexities including hashimoto’s, hyperthyroidism, and more! We’ll also discuss how to approach your doctor with functional medicine studies and how to have a productive conversation in that realm.

Time Stamps:

  • (0:50) Dr. Biamonte’s Background
  • (3:45) Explaining The Thyroid and Thryoid Function
  • (12:12) Hashimoto’s
  • (19:26) Compounds and Supplementation
  • (22:00) Hyperthyroidism
  • (26:52) Lifestyle Interventions
  • (32:00) Approaching Your Doctor About the Subject
  • (34:30) Stuck in Dogma
  • (42:50) The State of Health
  • (49:40) Where to Find Dr. Biamonte


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