Why Sugar is the Real Culprit of Weight Gain with Dr. Richard Jacoby (Ep. 146)

You’ve heard me talk on here several times about the impact that sugar has on our health and I have an expert on the show today that is going to drive this concept even further home plus a lot more! Dr. Richard Jacoby is the author of Sugar Crush and has an upcoming book called, “Unglued”. Dr. Jacoby is a world renowned foot and ankle surgeon and the Director of Vally Foot Surgeons. 

We discuss hidden sugars, some current event topics you may agree or disagree with, and much more!

Time Stamps:

  • (0:40) Dr. Richard Jacoby’s Bio
  • (3:48) What is Peripheral Neuropathy?
  • (12:38) Reading Labels
  • (23:12) The Love Bug Audience
  • (33:48) The Podcasting Industry
  • (49:00) NFL Example
  • (54:48) Connecting with Dr. Jacoby



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